It’s E3 Week! Here’s Infendo’s E3 2018 Bingo Card!

It’s E3 Week! Here’s Infendo’s E3 2018 Bingo Card!

E3 2018 is upon us, people! Nintendo’s presentation isn’t for a couple more days, but we’re too excited to eat, sleep, or even write full length articles, apparently! In lieu of that, we present our E3 2018 Predictions Bingo Card! If you haven’t seen this before, it means you aren’t listening to Infendo Radio… What’s wrong with you!? Go listen to some episodes right now!

Otherwise, bask in the glow of our E3 2018 predictions:

E3 2018 predictions

What do you think about our E3 2018 predictions? Have some of your own predictions you want to get recorded for all eternity? Share them in the comments below – and happy E3, Game Boys & girls!

(Wanna listen to our thoughts about last year’s show while you wait for the big day? Check out Infendo Radio – Episode 394: The Big E3 2017 Episode!)

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