DS Breaks 3.5 Mil in Japan

DS surpassed the 3.5 million units sold mark in Japan this past week. In related news, the Xbox didn’t.

NDS – 48,520
PSP – 29,395
PS2 – 22,030
GBM – 9,349
GBASP – 7,089

GCN – 3,290
GBA – 284
XBX – 167

DS – 2,032,796 / 3,528,392
PSP – 1,513,252 / 1,995,504
DS Lead – 519,544 / 1,532,888

[Source: DS-x2]


  1. That’s great! And that’s too bad about the Xbox. LOL

  2. Innovation + quality = Nintendo
    Non innovative + bad quality + bad load times + … well ok I wont go on but you all know where this is going

    The DS is winning because developers saw it and remembered who it was who made them famous to begin with. Nintendo took a break, but the king of gaming has returned full force.

    Look at the Revolution, so far the only bad word I have seen is from Epic games, and the last time I cared about them was when I played the old Epic Megagame$ for the PC. If Nintendo does a good job promoting this and getting good games out, I think we might see a real winner in the console war. When you profit from every system sold, its PS3 and Xbox 360 who will lose ^^

  3. I didn’t mean any bias by it guys, only a joke. Take it lightly.

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