It’s Burger Time

To go along with the old-school gaming kick that I’ve been feeling from the recent posts of Nintendo Power Issue 01 covers and content, I decided to post a couple photos I took a few weeks ago in a small Akihabara game shop. The first photo is of the original Famicom Burger Time cartridge, found it on a rack with a bunch of other really old Famicom games. Even though Burger Time was an arcade hit-turned Famicom title, its nostalgic value can’t be denied. Also, I snagged a photo of the “Game Repeater,” which I think was a device that kind of let you save your progress on Famicom games that didn’t have any saving function, just in case you were on your last life during the final boss. I definitely remember seeing devices like this in the states for the SNES and Genesis, but I think only Japan had these as early as the Famicom.