Nintendo Wi-Fi Kicks off in Chicago

A Chicago McDonald’s will host the launch event for Nintendo’s new wifi gaming service next Monday. Company employees will bNintendo Wi-Fi Kicks off in Chicagoe decked out in Mario and Ronald McDonald costumes when the system is “switched” on.

Any Chicagoans interested in going and taking some pics? If so, the franchise in mention is the 600 North Clark Street one. The event will begin at 11AM.

[Source: Next-Gen]


  1. Did I miss something?
    I thought you could only use the Nintendo Wi-Fi system through a Wi-Fi-enabled game… and the first one to be released is Mario Kart DS, which doesn’t get to the stores until Tuesday!
    How is Chicago going to launch the Wi-Fi connection? Is Nintendo going to release Mario Kart DS one day earlier for the employers at this McDonald’s?

  2. As in they’re gonna enable the Wayport access for DS in McDonalds across the country.

  3. yay!!! im in chicago!

  4. eh wish i could. i don’t really fell like looking at people in fat mario and ronald costumes anyhow.

  5. Mario and Ronald, together at last… kinda scary! Well, as long as they don’t have someone lurking around in a Grimace costume, I guess it won’t be too frightening.

    Anyway, this whole deal is sweet. There’s a Wayport-equipped McDonald’s about 1 minute from my job, so I could go there during my lunch hour for food and a quick Mario Kart break. Should be really fun, as long as it’s easy to connect.

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