Is bob bigger than the Beatles?


I met with Pelloni at GDC earlier this year, and the heavily hated viral ad mastermind, single-man developer told me that despite having not yet found a publisher, the world was going to see “bob’s game” in some form.  Last week the bob’s game website put up a quiet update in small font, reading: “090909 full release.”

What does “full release” mean? With bob’s track record it could be anyone’s guess – but whatever it is is going up against The Beatles: Rock Band.  So, is bob’s game bigger than the Beatles? Probably not, but it looks like music lovers and outcast indie fans alike have something to look forward to this September.

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  1. Lite (on a crappy PC!!) says:

    No. Just no. I thought we were done after Day 100. It’s night of the third day for Bob, and he doesn’t have all of the masks he needs. So just no. This guy fails.

  2. Sean says:

    It’s so fun how everybody hates this guy. I almost forgot – let’s watch the comments run wild together!

  3. John says:

    Um…You guys should stop reporting about him. And his game. I mean, it doesn’t really have anything to do with Nintendo anymore!

  4. srkelley says:

    But he’s more than likely going to end up giving away his game as a homebrew title. We gotta see the rest of this! Every time you think he’s going left, he’s actually already gone into an alternate dimension.

  5. Joshdad says:

    Can’t we just let lying Bob’s lie?

    Bob is like the proverbial bad penny – he just keeps showing back up again.

  6. Jake Barber says:

    Bigger than the Beatles? No. Bigger than Jesus? We’ll see.

  7. AtmanRyu says:

    …Who’s he again?

    (note: I’m being sarcastic; please don’t spam the page with recaps of what he has done)

  8. Drahken says:

    Hopefully he’ll change his game enough before release to make sure it’s no longer a steaming pile like the demo.

    Also: stop reporting about him. If we all just ignore him he’ll go away. He can’t hurt us if we don’t believe in him.

  9. DmNt says:

    I don’t know why so many people hate this guy. He just did a viral ad campaign, and people treat him like the new Jack Thompson. I guess they just don’t like getting trolled.

  10. Drahken says:

    It’s because his viral ad campaign involved him acting like a total dick, including actually going and littering ads for himself all over the Nintendo World Store. And then, when it was revealed that it was all just an ad, he continued to be an arrogant jerk.

  11. Nathan says:

    He defaced hallowed grounds!

  12. srkelley says:

    I didn’t know he did that. I declare a media ban on Bob’s Game.

  13. I liked Bob’s viral marketing campaign. I liked it a LOT. In fact, I was relieved when I found out it wasn’t just some dumb kid that went insane.

    I like the way the campaign is related so closely to the actual story of the game, it adds background and context for the game itself. In my opinion the campaign actually made the game better. (I’ve played the demo, and I loved it.)

  14. whut says:

    Guys, the Nintendo “attack,” was faked – he didn’t mess up the store and he proved it himself in a video showing that the “attack” was staged but the “visit” was real.

  15. DmNt says:

    I agree with you James Kochalka. I don’t see how any this qualifies him as an arrogant jerk. And if it does, well, he’s not the first. Look at EA. Look at Sqaure. Look at Sony. Look at Microsoft. Look at Apple. And yes, look at Nintendo.

  16. Lite (on a crappy PC!!) says:

    I will like the guy when he tells the truth, and when Nintendo corroborates his story. Like, officially, when the game actually hits stores.

  17. Hello World says:

    His game looks like utter crap anyways. What was it, you run around and complete arbitrary tasks? Like we need another game like that, we have enough thank you… The point is, he didn’t meet the qualifications. And he’s proved time and time again that he’s a liability, he’s screwed his career as a game developer so far down the crapper, that no one would dare hire him because they’d have to deal with the flow of crap that hiring him would bring.

    He failed, hard. Slink into a corner until it’s safe to pop your head up, Bob. Attacking the Beatles Rock Band, is NOT the way to healthily revive your status in the gaming community.

  18. That one guy says:

    You are a poor reader, Hello World.

    Nowhere in the above article nor on the bob’s game website is there any mere suggestion that Bob is “attacking” Beatles Rock Band. It has been noted as a coincidence, but that’s it.

    Your description also suggests that you didn’t play the demo yourself or even read infendo’s own review of it – but great job passing judgment on something you don’t have any first, or even second hand information on…

  19. TechNick says:

    I just crack up every time I come into the comments on these sites when it’s a bob related story. There is no reason to hate the guy, you all just “hate” him because some other guy from 4chan “hates” him, came into the comments and ranted about it, and everyone else felt like tagging along.

    Really, it was just an ad. He was promised something which I cannot disclose being at GDC 2009, which is why the 100 day “protest” ended on that date. Sadly, it never worked out, thus deeming the 100 day Viral Ad a failure. But none of it was actually real, he’s not that crazy.

    That “live video” stream he had on his site was actually the same 10 images which looped every day, he spent about an hour screwing up his room for stage 30, he got his crazy hair cut the day before stage 50. He went to the NWS a few minutes after opening, explained to the guys what he was doing, what video scenes were needed, and acted it out.

    Seriously, even if it was real, would any of you actually care? Are any of you such diehard nintendo fans that some guy walking into the nintendo world store and dropping some cards is enough to anger you? I highly doubt it. So seriously, stop whining and just take a look at the game. You don’t have to like it, but at least wait until the full game is released to pass judgment, it deserves it’s shot just as much as any other game.

  20. Arutoa says:

    At first I thought Robert was an insane-yet-loveable indie developer, then I thought he was just insane. I felt sorry for him. Now I know the truth.

    He’s a magnificent bastard.

    All of the haters who hate them will probably play his game to “see how bad it is”. More people will hear of it from the haters, and proceed to “see how bad it is” themselves. You can hate Bob, but realize that you’re hating the character, or you’re just as bad as you say Bob is.

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