Irksome Late Japanese Release Dates

Back in the day it used to be cool if you imported a game or system from Japan because you’d always get it a few weeks, or sometimes even a few months before your stateside buddies. When I went to Japan last semester I was elated that I’d be able to buy some DS games before their American release. How upset was I to find that I had to wait weeks past the US release date of New Super Mario Bros. to purchase it in the briny east? Not too much. But the Japanese Wii release date is just adding insult to injury. Most likely Nintendo is using the time buffer to produce more units, and thus avoiding the DS like sell-out fiascos they’ve had in the past, but what hardcore Japanese gamer is going to stand for the Wii being released almost a month early state-side? Any Japanese gamers out there planning to buy a US import at release? It’s a given that US Wiis will be sold at Akihabara game stores as soon as retailers can get their hands on them- does anyone think Nintendo will crack down on this? What do you think?