Intense Wii demand persists (in Boston area)

Having waited in a Toys R Us line myself here in the Boston area for a second time in recent months (a second console for the fam), I can attest to this posting from ars technica about the continued demand for everyone’s favorite console of the moment, the Wii. Love it or hate it, the Wii is “it” right now, in spite of whatever flaws currently exist.

Here it is, Sunday February 4, and around Boston, it’s almost as though today is the launch day for the Nintendo Wii. I say “almost” because obviously today isn’t Wii launch day, but in many venues around town, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between today and launch day. Despite a morning chill of 4 degrees Fahrenheit, there are early lines outside my local Circuit City and Best Buy. A pal in Southie says the Landmark BestBuy has campers. Wal-Mart in Danvers/Peabody was hit by a virtual drive-by of people hoping to scoop up the Wii. All told, the poor saps freezing in the cold numbered more than 70 across the four locations we scouted. One guy who actually scored a unit almost sold his to someone in line for nearly twice the price. […] If there’s a backlash or a mounting PR problem for Nintendo, I think it’s in somebody’s head.

Or in Sony/Microsoft’s marketing departments. What’s demand like in your area? Anyone out there still without their Wii fix?