I’ll be the first to admit. The constant comparisons between Apple and Nintendo is cliched, overused, and even stretched despite the similarities. However, I’ve recently been pondering what Nintendo could do to make portable gaming even more accessible. iTunes has revolutionized portable music players. It’s easy, cheap, and it works. Could the same be true for portable video games?

Maybe the next GBA installment could have a game store where you could browse classic 2D-titles and current games and download them cheap using digital rights management. Legalized ROMs if you will. I’d be all over that if it were priced right and it easily could be by forgoing packaging and inventory costs. It would be tough to pull off, but if Nintendo could do it, everyone, even gamers could benefit. Whether it should be done is another question.

Would an iNintendo Store for the GBA interest you? Why, why not? It will aslo be interesting to see what type of store Nintendo will use with the Revolution. Integration with their upcoming portables could also be a huge hit.