Infendo’s intermittent flu and Nov 19 relaunch


Sorry about the hiccups over the weekend and early this morning, Infendoians. Blogger was sick (though we thought it might be Mr. Server). Everything should be up and running so let us know in the comments if you safely traversed the depths of the intertubes to get here.

As a bonus, and proof, I’ve attached the screenshot of the new Infendo set to launch November 19, the same day as Wii. It will be one fine day for Nintendo enthusiasts. Holla!


  1. I like the new look! Nice and clean. One request though. Is it possible to keep the ads on the right hand side, though? This is the same setup as Kotaku, and I find it rather annoying having to scroll right to see the story when I run a norrow browser window. Lots of people complained about it when Kotaku and Gizmodo did it. Anyway just somthing to consider. Realy looking forward to the rollout!

  2. Fuzz: The site will be fixed-width, 990px wide so you won’t have to scroll so long as you’re using 1020 wide resolution. We may consider moving the ads to the right which help with click-throughs, but as the site moves towards impression based ads, serving them on the left keep ads more “out of the way” of the content. Meaning better reader usability and a cleaner look. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Unfortunatly my crappy work monitor will only do 1024×768. Maybe I can convince them that my hapiness while browsing Infendo at work is more than worth the cost of a monitor upgrade, lest I go “Postal” 🙂

  4. Those aren’t ads. As part of its new look Infendo will be doing stuffy telecom pieces featuring AT&T.

    /bad joke

  5. I like it! I love it! It’s Beautiful!!

  6. Nice layout! I was wondering if your site had any openings for posters. I can give you an example article if you wish.

  7. at 1024 you wont have any scroll on the window

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