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For some good tips, hints, and strategies, check out 1up’s Nintendogs Strategy Guide. You can also learn how to unlock the oh so coveted Dalmation breed. And for the best review this side of the net, check out Wired’s recent review of the game. Once again they prove how a good review is done: concise, personable, and let the reader’s know if it’s fun to play.

Classic Moment in Nintendog’s gameplay: Teaching my pup a slew of new tricks only to have her sit there dumb founded when trying to show her off to company (just like a real freakin’ dog).


  1. i know exactly how you feel, my siberian husky (spike) totally froze up when i was trying to show a few friends all of his tricks.

  2. Is that because puppies are shy/timid in front of other people?Never really had much contact with dogs so I’m curious.

  3. In real life they can be. Unless i’ve gone crazy, there should be no way that the DS can tell if you have “company” to visit your digital puppy. It was crazy none-the-less and probably just some huge coincidence or maybe there was too much bg noice for the pup to hear the voice commands clearly.

    Good Stuff!

  4. I dunno, the review was interesting, but didn’t really talk a whole bunch about actual gameplay. And the guide at 1up was really useful for anyone starting off, but I didn’t see anything about obtaining the Dalmation breed, which I didn’t even know the game had. And I don’t think the DS can detect other people around, but I’ve noticed that the mic will pick up other noise around when your giving voice commands. Like if I’m in the car, and I’m not saying anything, the dog will look up and run toward the screen like I just called her. Her name is Dana, and she’s a Deuschand, and she just got first rank in the Master level agility trials. Hmmmm…they grow up so fast.

  5. OMG this totally happens to me every time, I go to show someone and Hank or Jack freeze up! Accept finally today I got it to work and I showed this babe that Hank could breakdance and backflip… She wanted nintendogs afterwards, I am a college student, that should say something about nintendo’s market proliferation… Jack has 1st in the champ class frisbee and Hank has 1st in champ class Agility, Hank will soon take 1st in champ class Obedience… I am so proud of him lol.

  6. 😀 Ahh Nintendogs really is a fantastic game 😀
    Sounds like your talking about real dogs 😀

  7. How many breeds of dogs are there on the game and what are they?

  8. Once I thought that I had all the dogs but I noticed that one of thedogs you can look at was alot skinnier than the dog I thought it was. Turns out it was a labrador retreiver not a golden retreiver. 🙂

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