Infendo: What does it all mean?

Have you ever wondered what the heck Infendo stands for? If so, gather round for a little self indulgence and useless information on this fine Monday.

As a youngling, Game Informer was one of my favorite video game magazines. This was before “cyberspace” was around so good magazines were the only source for news, reviews, cheats, and screenshots for us kiddies. I always liked the idea of informing someone, so I knew that’s what I wanted to do with the site. And that’s basically what a good web log should do, inform. Sure, we occasionally report on stuff, but generally it’s just organizing and consolidating information in a form that’s useful.

So I played around with some ideas. Nintendo Informant. Nintendo Informing. Informing Nintendo. Infendo! The name stuck. Hopefully it can become synonymous with good online Nintendo news for many years to come.


  1. Good name. Catchy and easy to remember. In fact, you could say it’s “infectious”. 🙂

  2. No offense but that post seemed to be a little filler to me. Does anyone really care what the name of your blog means? Some of these blogs have really stupid names, all that matters though is if they have good info to read. Anyways, I do think your blog is one of the best out there. Keep up the good work.

  3. Metal Dave,

    None taken. There’s no news out, so I was trying to add some filler and keep up with requests to “add more post.” That’s why i used self indulgence in the post. I’ll try and keep this to a minum.

  4. I think the name of a blog is VERY important !
    And Infendo is a fantastic name.
    It sounds great, has a meaning and is just really stylish 😉
    Interesting to read how you got the idea for the name. I thought you just woke up one night and BANG ! it was there 😉

  5. Now I see it. I first thought it meant Nintendo’s Inferno!
    But it’s cool.

  6. For some reason Infendo reminds me of 4 year old trying to say “Nintendo” but not quite getting it right… 🙂

  7. game informer rocks

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