Infendo Weigh In – SSX Blur

It seems like reviews about the first snowboarding game for Wii have been very mixed, but I’m here to weigh in on SSX Blur. Don’t consider this a review; it’s just my impressions on a game I bought and suggestions for improvement.

What they got right:
Sound: The music by Junkie XL gets me very excited to play this game and it is perfectly synced to events on the slopes. Come to a complete stop and the music does, too. Pull off some crazy Uber tricks and the music builds up to go along with you.

Graphics: The ridiculousness of the tricks, big air, and crazy terrain are brought to life with appropriate visuals. The setting sun, firework spitting dinosaurs, and foggy forests are highlights for me.

Controls: Carving, jumping, and spinning feel so natural, it’s hard to imagine not having motion controls before.

Overall: Great for a pick up and play race with a friend. They can get into the game with minimal training. If you’re into mastering controls, solo racing, or collecting things, SSX Blur offers a plethora of challenges.

What they got wrong:
Sound: Seems heavily mixed to the music and announcer, even with some tweaking. Characters had more life in previous SSX titles. A few more exclamations or chatter between riders would be welcome.

Graphics: Occasional frame rate drops, but only in one area so far. Otherwise, no real complaints here.

Controls: I feel like I’m able to pull off some Uber tricks every time I try them, but others are less likely to hit. Having “simple” and “master” controls would be great. A pre-SSX snowboarding title from EA did this and allowed for beginners to really have some fun without needing to master a complex control scheme. Once you wanted more of a challenge, you could switch to the “master” controls. Also, the menus feel buggy and slow.

Overall: The manual for this game is extremely weak. Normally that’s fine, but the tutorials should make up for it. A little more instruction or practice with grabs or on Uber moves would go a long way. Of course, online play would be a huge plus, but we apparently can’t blame EA for that.

Have you played SSX Blur yet? Weigh in on this title in comments!