Infendo Visits Nintendo World Store in NYC

While I was in New York last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Nintendo World Store. 2/3 Nintendo landmarks down, one to go (Japan headquarters). *Nintendo nerd raises hand* Here are some of my thoughts on the store:

  • The “egg” chairs are off the hook. I need to get me one of those bad-boys with their embedded surround-sound speakers.
  • The store is a little smaller than I thought, though nicely designed. Well laid out, had a nice feel to it.
  • The merchandise is cheap, and there are a ton of games that are hard to find otherwise, unless you shop online which I’m assuming most do.
  • The collectible goodies were nice. I bought a sweet Triforce pin, Mario iron-on button, t-shirt, and NES controller mints for future Infendo give-aways/contests.
  • Would like to have seen more DS Lites, though I realize they’re not officially out yet.

One of the clerks (see “helpful hand” pic) saw the first Infendo prototype shirt (thanks, Ziad) that I wore. Said he’d check out the site that night. For those that have visited, what are your thoughts on the store? Could Nintendo sustain more, or is this a one-of-a-kind only?

[Photos: GBA Bar | DS Bar | Facade | Helpful Hand | NES | I Love VG’s | Egg Chairs]