Infendo Rumor Mill: Has Ash Ketchum’s Home Town Been Destroyed?

Infendo Rumor Mill: Has Ash Ketchum’s Home Town Been Destroyed?

Pokemon Gen 8 has been sparking rumors all over the place, but one of the more bizarre ones landed on pokejungle the other day.

A 4Chan user called Piuk claiming to be part of the internal localization efforts claims the game will be featured around the concept of time.

They posted this image and the following text:

Pokemon Gen 8 Rumor

Hundreds of years ago, this submerged town gave birth to one of the most famous trainers of all times. It’s name was Pallet Town.

The overarching theme this user seems to be proposing is that the new game will take place in the Kanto region, seen in Pokemon Red and Blue, but hundreds of years in the future. This has of course led to speculation across the fanbase:

Of course, take all of this with a huuuuge grain of salt. After all, why would a localization team member have a super rough sketch of a game concept?

Hopefully some details will get revealed at E3 next month, and we can put all this speculation to bed.

Until then, why not get speculative with the best of them? Check out Infendo Radio, and hear what cooky theories we’re coming up with now!

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