Infendo Review: Spyborgs.<br>That’s a Ninja not a Spy! Also, a Robot?



The awesome people over at Capcom recently sent me a copy of Spyborgs. An exclusive developed especially for the Nintendo Wii.

As a lot of you probably already know, Spyborgs was originally planned as an interactive cartoon mixed with all sorts of gameplay elements. However, sometime during the production of the game, the game was scrapped and turned into a brawler/beat ’em up type of game. Which is a pretty strange and far twist from the original idea if you ask me.

To find out how Spyborgs stands out compared to other brawlers in the genre turn to page two.

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  1. this is a really good looking game. but i think they are sending this out to die. they should have got this out in august or maybe earlier

  2. It sure looks pretty.

    IS there enough style and variety in the gameplay to keep it from getting stale?

    Is it worth the price tag for what you buy? For example, I didn’t think MadWorld was worth 50 dollars.

  3. @gojiguy

    IS there enough style and variety in the gameplay to keep it from getting stale? Is it worth the price tag for what you buy?

    There is three different characters that you can play as, So if you start to get bored I would suggest switching. Yet, with most beat ’em ups you can slowly start to get bored fast.

    One of the main problem I saw with Spyborgs, was that your AI partner can get in your way. Yet the real fun of the game is when you are playing with another person. It’s refreshing when you have a friend playing with you.

    Not to mention you can challenge yourself with 6 different levels of difficulty, the hardest difficulty needs to be unlocked.

    You can also search for all the hidden secret objects in the game, which gets a little tedious looking for invisible tapes using the IR sensor.

    Spyborgs isn’t a budget title but it is priced at 39.99, which is not bad at all. It’s honestly not a bad title but there are some flaws that can detract from gameplay. You’ll get the most enjoyment out of the game playing with another person though.

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