Infendo readers invent “new IP” — so who won?

Abuse by BungieLast week I asked you to put your money where your mouth is and design some truly original IP for the Wii. And you did. A lot. Thirty-two comments later (sure, David and I padded it with some pithy commentary of our own, so what!?), we have a slew of really cool ideas that Nintendo is more than welcome to take under its wing, develop, publish, and then pay us for.

But which is the best? Which is the most innovative? Take a look at some of the ideas if you haven’t already, and then weigh in here. Is the best David’s amnesia MMORPG thriller? Is it plusdrew’s enormously ambitious ARG? How about a game based entirely on Bowser?

My vote goes to samfish, who came up with an idea for a game that mimics Abuse, one of Bungie’s most original and entertaining games to date (and it’s damn hard to boot). There’s just something about using the Wiimote to have 360 degree, pin point firing control in a platformer…