This week’s Infendo Radio: “3D is ugly”


Who said it? You’ll have to listen to find out. In addition, Derek and I discuss new Wii U questions, clickable analog sticks, DS Players and how to fix robot voice. Hope you like it.

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Music: “Shy Ronnie 2” by Lonely Island and “Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco.


  1. Sonyendo

  2. I rather agree with Paquito…I see more slander on Nintendo than I do news now…oh, and Jack rather definitely say it…I dunno why you guys keep him around, he’s a negative nancy.

  3. I see real concerns here. Even if this is supposed to be a pro-nintendo site I would trust any of the news here if everything was positive for nintendo and no mention of other companies. If we don’t show any concern for what nintendo is putting out then why would they improve their product? They would be contempt with us being happy already and not improve. Criticism is necessary, and if you disagree with it then tell them why not just that they are being negative.

  4. This site spends more time critisizing Nintendo than reporting news. While I do appreciate a critical eye and some well-written articles I think its going a bit over the top. Play your violin to Nintendo, not its fans.

  5. To the “tedious” and not supported motion plus… Have you ever played Red Steel 2? That’s all that needs to be said. If you haven’t tried it, then please do. After playing that with the precise aiming of your gun… the smooth flow of your sword fighting, it proved itself as a valid accessory to me. Play it, beat it, and then tell me if you still think it has no benefits.

  6. @Matt

    Criticism is one thing, but full-on slander is more of what I see from this site now. Criticism I can take, slander bothers me to no end.

  7. Wait… Who said it? I listened to the entire show twice and never heard anyone say “3D is ugly.”

  8. Hey Blake thanks for the Grand Slam Tennis talk, I had forgotten about it, and now I am going to go pick it up soon.

  9. Give us news, not Nintendo bashing! Another point for