Infendo Radio this week wins award for “best trolling” in a gamer podcast


If you didn’t like Infendo Radio before, you really won’t like it now. Gamer petitions, RPGs, and downloadable mini-games all thrown under the bus. And don’t think for a second we only did this for discussion’s sake. No, no—we’re more sinister than that. We did it because we hate you. Literally hate you. Hope you like… err, I mean hate it!

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  1. Wow, Blake. We really went for it, didn’t we?

  2. I completely agree on the petition discussion. I think it’s pathetic. What I find even more annoying however (without trying to generalize) is the attitude from many American gamers whenever they don’t get something or get something later than Europe or Japan. What most American gamers seem to forget is that 9 of 10 times Europe or Australia are the continents that are being hurt by the game industry the most. Not only do we pay a lot more for our games we also have to wait a lot longer before they are being released. The most recent example being Kid Icarus for the 3DS which is coming out this year for North America but is scheduled for a 2012 release for Europe. The point is that most (not all) American gamers and gaming websites only seem to complain when they are being hurt and not when the game industry in general is not being treated equally. This is when they come up with such infantile arrogant petitions for bringing games to North America. I’m sure that most of the petitioners are not even going to play the game if it even were to come out.

  3. Realize that Operation Rainfall is actually voting with their wallets.
    They shot Monado (Xenoblade) to #1 in Amazon video game sales.

    …while I can’t guarantee everyone will stick with that preorder – many have promised that they are going to pay that pre-order price once the game hits State-side.

    So… other petitions are whiny and stupid. But at least Operation Rainfall knows it’s all about business. They KNOW Nintendo’s not risking these games due to JRPGs failing in popularity as of late – – so they counter with the fact “Okay, others won’t, but we will. *throw money*”

  4. 😀 you guys sure know how to incite a crowd~

  5. Great podcast, guys!

    Re: eShop Dsiware…I’m not sure if this is everything, but the eShop has over 350 dsiware games. Right now the only way to see them all is through the search engine.

    I’m not a huge RPG fan, but I did love FFX, turn-based battles and all. The story, the characters, the art direction, the music– I loved immersing myself in that world, I’ll probably never sink that much time into a game again, but I did experience a compelling, fun story that would not have worked as a movie or novel.

  6. Well here are a few RPG’s you guys might like
    The World Ends With You(DS)
    Its really fast and uses the DS screens really well
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep(PSP)
    Best Kingdom Hearts game and a really good fast paced Action RPG
    Tales Of Vesperia(Xbox 360)
    Well..It has a lot of cutscenes and story but its battle system is really fast paced and resembles fighting games
    Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door(Gamecube)
    Nuff Said 😉

  7. No RPG’s? So, you guys hate Pokemon? Ya, those games NEVER sell. >.> Wow guys. People have different tastes, and you tell others to grow up… ironic.

  8. The Wii is dead, the only game worth keeping it plugged in to the TV set is Skyward Sword. It’s really sad the way Nintendo has really treated the core audience this time around, well at least I have a PS3 to enjoy some gaming.

  9. Hey guys, great podcast!
    I’ve never been able to get into turn-based rpg’s myself, they just seemed to drag on and on.
    Anyways, in your podcast you guys said that you’ve played lots of rpg’s because of your work. I also know that Derek is a game critic at Classic Game Room, and I was wondering if you guys have any advice for aspiring game critics/journalists.

  10. I agree that some turn-based RPGs can get… annoyingly boring and uninspiringly stupid… but some of them actually work in a certain way. Think of strategy games like chess and go and checkers: the turn is to strategize your next move.

    …I will admit, that most TB RPGs don’t do that well though…
    …I just like my tactical RPGs.

  11. Half-minute Hero (PSP and XBLA), this is the fastest paced JRPG, as fast as WarioWare.

  12. I have not joined the Operation Rainfall petition (or any import gaming petition, despite having feelings for Mother 3), but I think you guys missed the point of this kind of social movement: You said it works for political results, but not for capitalism. Sorry, but capitalism is exactly where petitions like this work best: they show the developer that there is actual demand for the product, so please provide the supply!

    Basically, it is cost-free marketing research for Nintendo all those other developers. If you have guaranteed buyers, and potentially more here than you would in Japan, on what predicted sales chart does it show that you will lose money on the localization? You will even save on advertising, since the fans already did a good portion of it for you!

  13. Agree for the most part about online-petition thing…but considering Nintendo was like “if enough interest is expressed”…I’d love to see Majora’s Mask on the 3DS. 🙂 And I don’t think it’s really immature to sign an online petition…maybe to whine and bitch, but a signature is quite a subtle way to show your support….just saying.

  14. I also think you guys were completely offbase on petitions. And I don’t even like them! How else will a company know what their customers want if they don’t speak up? Even better for their customers if they’re organized. I left a message on the hotline. You guys were trolling and I took the bait. To even take the time to be offended by what somebody likes and requests in a respectful fashion shows a huge lack of maturity on your part (using your wording…). You made me want to sign the dang thing…

    Love the show… usually.

  15. First of all, most, but NOT all DSiWare games are on eShop. One notable exclusion is Flipnote, no matter which way you search for it, it just isn’t there. A bit dissapointing, actually, but hopefully this confirms the “Flipnote Memo” rumor.

    Also, when you brought up Metal Storm and its gameplay in this episode, I could have sworn you were going to segway into one of the newest DSiWare releases, Antipole, which seems to share the same gravity defying gameplay mechanics. It comes across as a little cheap and low budget, but on the fundemantal levels, it works, and I’m having fun with it.

    Another great DSiWare game is Ivy the Kiwi? Mini, which, as a 35 dollar DS game, was so-so, but as a 5 dollar download title, really REALLY good, controls great, and it is a LOT more worth the money than, say, Sonic Rush. It is probably my second favorite DSiWare next to Shantae.

    I’d also totally recommend X-Scape, a great game in so many different ways, it may seem pricy, but I X-Scape is truly a unique experience.

    Let us also not forget Puzzle Quest, which was a severely under-rated retail DS game, now 8 bucks on the eShop.

    And if you have some loose eShop credit, Spotto is a great little game, published by the Big N, I think it is a buck now. There is also Starship Defense, also Nintendo published, also a fun little experience.

    And if you want a good GB Virtual Console game, Donkey Kong was a HUGELY surprising gem of a game, a combination of Donkey Kong and Mario 64, and Spiritual prequel to Mario VS Donkey Kong, it is a MUCH better Mario Platformer than Super Mario Land. Seriously, in Donkey Kong, Mario can not only jump, but backflip, triple jump, shimmy, swing, pick up and throw enemies (a la Mario Bros 2) as well as items, and interact with tools similar to the ‘Minis’ games.

  16. Well off base with the petition stuff and your reactions/opinions were all over the top and unnecessary. Maybe that was your intention, to be provocative? Either way, petitions do work and have worked. Most companies have a general view of “listen to your customers” so it makes sense to have your voice heard and if people choose to use a petition to do that then good for them I say.

    Surprising to pick on the “turn-based battles” side of RPGs to whine about. As Skotski said, it’s a style of play similar to chess – even when it’s not your “go”, you’re still planning the next move. Paper Mario and even more recently “Find Mii” (or StreetPass Quest) employed the same mechanic and it works well (in my opinion anyway).