Infendo Radio: Spring is in the air edition


Can you hear that? Yeah, it’s the sound of your neighbors leaving their houses to go…outside. It’s warmer, people are out doing yardwork, and Infendo Radio is on again. This week join Chris and I as we talk about things that matter in the world of Nintendo, while also deviating a bit to talk about other happenings in the video game industry.

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Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. Just a heads up, but I don’t think episode 4 is tagged correctly. It doesn’t show up when you push the “podcast” tab.

  2. @WesFX
    Thanks for letting me know, it’s now fixed. Hope you enjoy the show.

  3. This is the first time I’ve listened to the podcast (I was wary of listening because I didn’t want to engrave Eugene’s voice in my head for whenever I read what he writes/tweets), and I’ve gotta say that it’s really pretty good! I like how it isn’t entirely an audio-editorial loosely related to Nintendo. It’s sad to hear that Tales of the Abyss wasn’t so good. I’m not a big “Tales Of” fan, since I suck at fighting games, but I was considering picking it up because there don’t seem to be many RPGs coming out in the near future on any system, really. That combined with the fact that neither Gamestop (online or retail), nor Amazon, nor Glyde, nor any local game shops have any copies, used or new, led me to not even try to get it.

    I’d rate you guys on iTunes, but Apple is very determined not to support GNU/Linux and WINE doesn’t do the trick either. If it did, I’d own like…everything by Falcom JDK (Nihon Falcom game music–Ys, Legend of Heroes, Gurumin, etc.) since they put their stuff up on there. Also Crush 40. That’s life with “principles”, I guess.

    One note, though, I would appreciate it if you could stop the intro audio at most a few seconds after you start talking. Even though it’s faded, it jumbles up in my head what you guys are trying to say for whatever reason.

    Also, Kindle Achievements would seriously make doing my homework a lot easier to get into. Pierre Loti and Albert Memmi, while great authors, aren’t easy to get hyped up about reading.

  4. @Monkat
    Thanks for listening in. Noted about the intro audio, that was just me being too lazy to trim up the file…sorry about that.

  5. Another great episode! I really look forward to these; please keep ’em coming!

  6. My only complaint would be that sometimes the audio seems to go up and down when someone is speaking as if they are moving closer then further away from the mic. Other than that it’s pretty good. Love the banter. Also loving the not bashing the 3DS version of the podcast. Good work guys.

  7. Yay… I got a mention! Lol @ not knowing I’m a guy/man/dude (hint: it says Marc on my blog)! Sorry if I’ve shattered any illusions you had of my being some hot gamer chick (or something).
    The shameless plugging was great… thanks for taking your time to check it out 😀
    Thought the podcast was a great listen this week… really coming into your own now… feel like I’m getting to “know” your personalities… apologies if that sounds stalker-ish.
    Look forward to tuning in next week. Will try write up a review on iTunes if I get the chance!

  8. Reviewed ya on iTunes and everything! I think so at least.. me and iTunes.. We never really get along.

    Anywho, great podcast guys. : ) Love how you keep it clean, positive, and fun the whole way through. Hope you guys are enjoying it, and keep on keepin’ on! I’ll have to think about something worth saying/asking and email ya.

  9. @Hitokiri_Ace
    Thanks for the review! Happy that a lot of people seem to be enjoying the show. Keep listening in folks, we love bringing it to you each week.

  10. I like the podcast and the joyous mood that goes along with it.

    There’s one thing I have huge difficulties with: the opening sentence “Infendo Radio is on NOW”. For some reason, I always shiver when I hear this. I could be me though, it sound too ‘American’ to me, too forced.. somehow. It just isn’t natural, like the rest of the show. I’m (of course) not from the US, my native language isn’t even English, so it might just be a cultural thing..
    I know it’s always been like this, so I thought this might have changed now there’s a new “2.0” edition.

    And I have to strengthen Adza’s above comment: even with headphones it’s sometimes difficult to hear everything because there’s too much of a fluctuation in audio strength sometimes.

    Otherwise, keep it up people. Keeps getting better.

  11. @FrX & The Adza

    I have always thought that it could use a little work myself, and we are trying to get the audio to sound a little better. Unfortunately we are using rock band mics and we stream over Skype. It also doesn’t help that I have been ill and cant stop coughing. I’m not trying to make excuses and I promise we are trying to fix the audio quality every show.

  12. Rock Band mics are fine, and Skype is OK. Just throw together a pop filter, and I’m sure it’ll sound better. A metal hanger and pantyhose will do wonders, if you don’t mind it looking a little silly. 🙂 Good luck, and get to feeling better Christopher!

  13. No Unreal Engine Support for 3DS?

    Epic’s GDC video shows the platforms that Unreal Engine will be on, and I am extremely disappointed that I do not see the Nintendo 3DS on there. It shows support for Adobe Flash, Mac OS, Windows/PC, XBOX 360, PS3, Wii U, Apple iOS, PS Vita, & Android. If Unreal Engine can run on iOS, Android, & Flash, it should certainly be able to run on the Nintendo 3DS. Can someone, anyone, ask Mark Rein about Unreal Engine support for the Nintendo 3DS? Please & Thank you.