Infendo Radio Episode 300: You Gotta Go Long!


This is episode 300! We are joined by co-founder of Infendo Radio Scott Johnson, with Harrison Milfeld, Holly Fellmeth and myself Lewis Pugh.

We kick off with a long intro, talking about Infendo Radio and Nintendo in general. We then move onto our normal structure with; What we’ve been playing Zelda trio of A Link Between Words, Wind Waker and Tingles Rosy Rupee Land. Then we have your community comments with questions such as Infendo Radio technical difficulties and where’s the best Nintendo universe to live in? We end the show with a big feature to celebrate our 300 shows, entitled; “The best of Nintendo; Games, Systems and Things”

If you have any questions for us to discuss on the next show or feel up to the task of being the next community guest add them to the comments or email to

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Lewis Pugh is a game developer at Leuvsion ( for mobile platforms, born and bred on Nintendo gaming. Being a developer gives Lewis a unique perspective on Nintendo news, especially relating to the eShop and Nintendo Network. Today he plays Wii U and 3DS enjoying their distinctive gameplay offerings. Looking into what the future holds for Nintendo is always tricky, even with its established heritage, but that’s exactly what makes it so fun. NNID: Leuvsion