Infendo Radio enters console war; talks character vs cutscenes, favorite developers


Did Roku just fire the first shot on the Infendo Entertainment System? How good is Dark Void Zero (shown)? What’s the best way to implent story in games? Find the answers to all that and more in this week’s episode of Infendo Radio. Enjoy!

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Music: “Pop Culture” by Madeon and “Separate Ways” by Journey.


  1. Ah you guys are really pulling my strings with the IES! Every time I listen to the podcast I fire up my Wii and play some good old 2D games.

  2. I love Separate Ways, every time I hear it I want to watch the good old Transformers movie (the cartoon one from the 80s)!

  3. You had me at Madeon.

  4. I was happy to hear this weeks infendo radio. After last week i really got the idea that you two had a fanboy mentality where there was no reasoning with either of you and that over exaggerations to prove your faulty points was all you could do. Since you are listening to your feedback that’s about all one can ask.
    So I recall last week someone saying “I don’t need story, just give me bad guys to jump on” and this week hearing “I wasn’t saying we should cut out all story, there needs to be short text boxes etc.” I like that you are clarifying what you meant but you aren’t acknowledging that you did say it wrong. Also not everyone thinks that the Mario games are a masterpiece. I find them rather boring because of the lack of story. I don’t see the purpose in running around the worlds. The character depth in the series didn’t start with the first games. It was built without much story because of the length of the series and the various cartoons that show the story. If a new game were to come out today with as little depth as Mario for NES and wasn’t based on a current franchise it would not sell or be considered a good game. Why did it succeed before? On NES there wasn’t room for such story, often some of the story was printed on the instruction books. It wasn’t like there was a choice and Nintendo chose less story, there was no choice.
    I agree that cut scenes can take you out of the game if they aren’t done well, but I don’t play games like that. All of your examples of bad cut-scenes are in fact games I don’t play. Try games like Xenogears/saga/blade, final fantasy 9/10/12, Kingdom Hearts. There are plenty of story driven games where cut scenes are pivotal and integrated well. They should be used to show a scene that just words or in game graphics cannot convey at all or as well. Books and movies have had a long head start to becoming great mediums for story, games need time to catch up and be accepted as a medium.
    Kudos on the show though, I’ll keep listening.

  5. *** siren sounds ***

    The “less/fewer policeman” is back! (I commented on it in last weeks podcast because I am THAT cool)

    This time, I’m here to say… Blake, YOU NAILED IT! You used “fewer” like a pro! Whoo!

    Once again, great show… you guys have great chemistry (in a completely heterosexual way of course!) and this podcast just works in a way that others don’t. Keep it up! 🙂

  6. I 100% agree with you on story and cutscenes in gaming. Thats one of the reasons of why I love Nintendo games so much. However some games have awesome cutscenes. Look at the No More Heroes games. They’re gameplay is good but nothing mindblowing but I love it because of the story and characters. I 100% agree with you on Bioware and their overhyped ass Effect series..