Infendo Radio 190.5 “B Side” is for true fans

Welcome to the “B” side.   The “B” side might not have the hits, or the number 1 single, or the popular song that they always play at your middle school dance that you see on the “A” side – but it has the songs the REAL fans know.  You won’t see it on the “Greatest Hits” album, but as true fan, you know that THIS is what it’s all about.

Infendo Radio 190 “B” is here to talk about Kinect’s pricing, the 3DS, a Nintendo Wii hard drive patent, and more – all while playing crash test dummy for Infendo’s new Podcast delivery system.  All you have to do is sit back, enjoy, and let us know if you find any hiccups you think we should know about. Check it out: