Infendo Radio 173 LIVE is fraught with rumors


Infendo Radio 173 celebrates vague rumors, E3 predictions, confirmations, broad speculations, and Nintendo Executive’s comments on the Apple iPad! We read email, interact with listeners in the live chatroom, we laugh, we cry, we live.  We live LIVE, on-air.   It’s Infendo Radio – Join us, and choose your method of distribution:

Infendo Radio is a LIVE podcast, one with growing community- you should join that community! It’s Easy, just email us, via, call the Infendo Radio Hotline at (434) 535-BIGN, hit us up on Twitter, or hop in the Ustream Chat during the next live recording! Infendo Radio LIVE is scheduled to record on Ustream every Wednesday night, but watch the Infendo front page, or follow us on Twitter for updates and changes!