Infendo Radio 155 is back from summer vacation


summer vacation

After a short summer vacation, Infendo Radio is back with a show about Netflix on the Wii, what games are coming out in the Fall, and we bid one host a fond good bye!

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  1. Peace out Kyle. It’s been real.

  2. Why is he leaving?

  3. It’s kind of tough to keep hosts on Infendo. Listening to all of them its kind of a bummer that people keep leaving.

  4. Just heard ep #155 and talked about FFIV: After Years.

    I’ve only played through two of the $3 add-ons so far, (Rydia and Palom), and I’ve been averaging about 2.5 hours per add-on game (and the main game took me about 5-6 hours to clear). Finished the Palom one yesterday — two sittings total and it was finished 🙁

    I too am dissapointed that I’m not getting more gameplay for my money — these should have been 200 point games instead of 300, in my opinion.

    I’ll still be buying more as I can afford to get points. I have enough for one more before I need to throw money into it.

  5. Good bye Kyle and good luck.


    Yeah Blake and now Kyle, everyone is leaving. What’s going to happen now that the host is gone? I can’t wait until the next episode to find out.