Infendo Meteos Sweepstakes

Help take Infendo to the masses and win a copy of Meteos for the Nintendo DS. Here’s how it works:

  1. Read your favorite Nintendo and gaming websites, blogs, etc. and when posting comments, include a link to our site (
  2. Email us the URL of the page that you linked to us.
  3. We’ll track how many links you’ve sent in.

The person that posts the most legitimate links to our site wins. No spamming though. We get enough of that here and we don’t want you spreading that nasty plague anymore than it already is. Just add our link to your thoughtful comments, posts, websites, or whatever. The deadline for your submittals is OCTOBER 5, 2005 by 12:00AM EST. Good luck!


  1. Hey, aint the due date uhm… over? LoL you said Sept 5, 2005… i hope you mean Oct 5, 2005.


  2. spinteews,
    Fixed. Thanks for catching that and nice try with the link. 🙂 We’re flattered we’re one of your favorite Nintendo sites but the idea is to bring others into the fold. Not the one’s that are already here but funny none-the-less.
    You readers really make my day and it’s always great to commune.

  3. 😀 Nice idea 😀
    I won’t win though 🙁
    Real Life is so time consuming 😉

  4. hahah,

    i’ll see what i can do.. but yea REAL life really sucks up most of my time unless i can sneak in some gaming news here and there lol

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