Infendo influencing mainstream media

Next Generation doesn’t mention Infendo writer Matthew by name, but I think it’s safe to say that his hard-hitting expose on the relationship between Nintendo and Rare was the basis for their article today on the game company responsible for several Nintendo hits.

Interesting bit on how Rare got its start back in the 80’s with Nintendo: “By early 1985 the [Stamper brothers] had hacked out the Famicom and had begun to write software for it; they brought some of that work to Nintendo, as a proof of concept ”“ the first Western developers to do so. Nintendo was sufficiently impressed to hand over the official documentation that the Stampers didn’t even need at this point, and an official license to produce for the system […] By the late ’80s Rare […] was publishing more games per year than anyone in his right mind would suggest: from six to 17 separate releases.”

Old school NES Rare games I own: RC Pro-Am and Cobra Command.