Infendo House Keeping

A little house keeping. First off, we’ve removed the not-very-usable (3) navigation links at the right. If you want to go back to the homepage, just click on the Infendo logo. If you want to contact us, use the tips form, above right. If you want to know more “about us” hang tight, and we’ll figure something out. I really dislike the usability of our non-post content.

Anyways, you’ll now notice (3) new syndication links. You can subscribe to the site via RSS (okay, really Atom but RSS was shorter). You can subsribe to Infendo Radio via xml or via iTunes if you like Apple’s music player.

Is it just me or is this site getting uglier by the minute? I smell a redesign (in the distant future, mind you.) As always, thanks for stopping by the site and helping to build the community. We hope Infendo is a healthy supplement for your daily Nintendo fix.