Infendo House Keeping

A little house keeping. First off, we’ve removed the not-very-usable (3) navigation links at the right. If you want to go back to the homepage, just click on the Infendo logo. If you want to contact us, use the tips form, above right. If you want to know more “about us” hang tight, and we’ll figure something out. I really dislike the usability of our non-post content.

Anyways, you’ll now notice (3) new syndication links. You can subscribe to the site via RSS (okay, really Atom but RSS was shorter). You can subsribe to Infendo Radio via xml or via iTunes if you like Apple’s music player.

Is it just me or is this site getting uglier by the minute? I smell a redesign (in the distant future, mind you.) As always, thanks for stopping by the site and helping to build the community. We hope Infendo is a healthy supplement for your daily Nintendo fix.


  1. If you need any code help I will be back in Blighty after easter (goign to India tomorrow till then) but im an HTML coder if you need anything doing, XHTML / CSS being my main skills eh.

    Thanks for keeping me entertained for the last 2 weeks!


  2. Shame none of you have a mac (or at least I assume so) cus you could use iPhoto to make a photocast! Slightly pointless but personally I think daily new self made screenshots and stuff on RSS would be pretty cool.

  3. I love the site and its design. I’ve always been a fan of minimalistic sites and you’ve done a great job of keeping it simple here.

    I know there are a lot of other places with them already, but I’ve always wished Infendo had some sort of forum. I know a lot of us like the community here over other sites, so an area for us to talk about stuff outside of posted stories would be fun. I suppose that gets into a whole moderated world you guys probably just don’t want to bother with, though.

  4. The only thing I feel you guys really need is a link somewhere on each story to the author’s profile, like you have for each comment for the comments’ authors.

  5. I wouldn’t say a redesign was completely out of the question, but it’s not desperately needed yet anyway.

    One thing I really don’t want to see though is Infendo turning into yet another bloated site with a reviews section, a previews section, a media section etc etc

    A small forum (again nothing big and bloated) and a page about the site/authours is in my opinion all thats needed. The reason I now come here for all my Nintendo news is that you keep it simple.

    In conclusion, Infendo rocks as it is, so don’t go changing it too much =)

  6. You guys can contact me for help also. My forte is design using GoLive although I also can handcode html.

  7. WHY I NEVER! If Mr.Jameston Decided to show up unnanounced he would have a hard time finding his way around, at least until he attacks the merry-go-round, then he would ingest the tablets of ultimate power. oh, and please give me back my tape-dispenser.
    Andross Gowlandinki

  8. Um, yeah….

    -Bill Lumbergh

  9. I, for one, love the site as it is. Clean and simple. Perfect.

    I do prefer the smaller font over the larger, though.

  10. I think you need to add some animated GIF’s. Everyone loves animated GIF’s. 😉

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