DS Performing Well in UK

The DS has been selling increasingly well in the UK. Always nice to hear.

October 6-13
NDS: 24,492
PSP: 18,723
GBA SP: 8,799

October 14-21
DS: 23,035
GBA SP: 10,034
PSP: 8,000

October 22-29
NDS: 30,000
GBA SP: 15,500
PSP: 12,900

Maybe games really do move hardware…

[Thanks Anon, Source: Cubed]


  1. now that the homebrew communty and pirates (arrghh!) have gotten their PSPs noone else wants them. Joy!

  2. Mhh…don’t know
    Some webfriends of mine over there in the UK attribute dis situation due to a shortage of PSP stock inside electronic shop et similia…but they are generally talkin about a lack of good games on the market also, and, generally, I’m agree with them…but, on the other side I’m sure Ds games are playing their role…
    yes, games are important. and right now psp has a poor offer of clones.
    the situation may change with GTA – LCS

  3. wow… i’m way surprised on that.
    After the crazy launch the PSP had, I was under the impression that it was killing the DS in Europe… but probably ONLY in Europe. guess not.


    MrHaze: it’d take one SERIOUS stock shortage to make that kind of difference… and all reports i’ve heard have pointed towards overstocks and mis-projections on PSP demand.

  4. Ya right the situation is gonna change… This pattern has been seen across the entire world. Even if GTA pushes the hardware it will be more of a push or longer of a push then Winning 11 did in Japan.

  5. Sorry I mean the push will not be any stronger by GTA in the rest of the world than it was by Winning 11 in Japan.

  6. hooray for the UK!.. this is big news right?.. everything i heard before was that nintendo was the underdog in the UK… by a long shot…

  7. no micro numbers?

  8. micro was lauched early this month in Europe.

  9. On the 4th to be exact.

  10. And I wonder if the micro will have any numbers anyway since it is a limited thing.

  11. Haha, this is awesome. This means the DS is officially dominating in North America, Japan, and the UK. Way to go Sony, you’re 0 for 3!

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