Infendo Game Night: Mario Kart 8


There are many reasons why an official Infendo tournament in Mario Kart 8 should take place: for one thing, it is long overdue. For another, it gives myself and the other Infendo crew members an excuse to play games with each other and with readers like you!

We actually managed to pick a time that works fairly well for all of us, and that time is tonight, Tuesday the 23rd, starting at 6:00PM Pacific, 9:00PM Eastern (I technically won’t join in until half hour later, though). You can see the information above, including the code: 3173-6944-1208.

Hope to see you there!

2 Responses to Infendo Game Night: Mario Kart 8

  1. Metalmarc64 says:

    And what better day than on Nintendo’s 125th year around? I’m game.

  2. Holly says:

    Mike and I will be on again at 4:00AM Pacific, 7:00AM Eastern, in case you want to join us. 😉

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