Infendo Comments Galore

Be sure to check out the past (128) Infendo comments made while my schaef self accidentally had comment moderation on. There’s some really good postings that are now up from last Saturday starting with: Revolution Name Coming Soon? so that should keep you fine readers occupied for quite a while. Infendo without comments is like Oreos without milk. Not good.

Thanks to all those for solving the problem and/or emailing me. I guess I’m still trying to figure out this thing called cyberspace… or is it the information super highway now?


  1. Poo on moderation. Hello comments!

  2. Yeah, I was curious why a couple of my comments didn’t show up. But I’m glad they’re back in working order. Nick Burns is currently having a hearty chuckle at Infendos expense…everything is fine and dandy now, so it’s ok. Awesome!

  3. UK numbers:

    6th-13th October:

    NDS: 24,492
    PSP: 18,723
    GBA SP: 8,799

    14th-21st October:

    DS: 23,035
    GBA SP: 10,034
    PSP: 8,000

    22nd-29th October:

    NDS: 30,000
    GBA SP: 15,500
    PSP: 12,900


  4. Who’s Nick Burns?

    How about some pop culture references people actually GET?? 😉

  5. A character from Saturday Night Live. C’mon people! Get with it!

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