IGN’s new No More Heroes media are delicious

nomoreheroes.jpgThe first step on the path to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

So those of you with self-destructive penchants for flamboyant assassinations and slicing your foes in half with crude glowing lightsabers should probably stop reading.

Really, it would be for the best.

IGN’s Matt Casamassina posted compelling new video and screenshots yesterday from the near-final build of the English version of No More Heroes, the upcoming Wii adventure game from renowned Killer 7 director Goichi Suda. Based on IGN’s scrumptous new media, it may finally be time to get excited about this ambitious Wii project.

Based on Suda’s prior work, most gamers presumed No More Heroes would be remarkably stylish, but those expectations seem to have been exceeded. No More Heroes boasts not only an appealing art style, but is remarkably cinematic in presentation.

Of less certainty was how well the game would actually play. For all its aesthetic charm, Killer 7 utilized an awkward control scheme many players simply could not adapt to. Unfortunately, no gameplay impressions were included, but it seems No More Heroes may offer both style and substance. One video reveals a ferociously well-animated combo system complete with Wii remote kill-gestures and button-prompts similar to those in Resident Evil 4.

IGN promises an entire week of full No More Heroes coverage starting Monday. Ubisoft is set to bring game to the States in February.