IGN says Nintendo Power may be finished

Nintendo PowerIGN is reporting that Nintendo “may be planning to close or restructure its official Nintendo Power magazine,” this according to moles deep within the company. They continue, “Sources close to the publication tell IGN that mass layoffs are underway and that employees are being told to look for new work by September of this year.”

Indeed, Nintendo Power announced the depature of Senior Writer/Editor George Sinfield in the latest issue, though he would still work as an ongoing contributor.

First published in 1988, Nintendo Power is one of the longest running video game magazines still in publication. Over the last year, the issues have gotten surprisingly worth my time. Sure, you can bet Nintendo has their hands in the editoral just a tad, but for the most part, editors will fairly critique the games in question. In addition, the mag is privy to a good amount of Nintendo info earlier than most making the $12 subscription an easy buy for Nintendo enthusiasts.

Blake’s prediction: Bogus rumor, at least the “closing its doors” part. Yeah, I could see the company restructuring, even reducing the number of writers etc to trim fat, but I’m betting the mag will stay, especially in light of smoking DS and Wii sales.