IGN Launched Revolution Channel

IGN has launched their Revolution Channel. In addition to having all of their existing Revolution articles under one roof, it looks like they have a wealth of new information.

On naming the channel Revolution, editor Matt Casamassina says, “On a side note, as soon as we know the real name of the console, we will update the site to reflect it. Nintendo will probably unveil that little tidbit early next year, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer. Rest assured that my fingers are crossed, at least.” My guess is they feel confident that the name will stay the same, but that’s just a guess.


  1. The name ‘Revolution’ really does rock. I would love to have that stick as the official name although I do doubt it, mainly because of Ninty’s new audience. The name might be a little bit TOO hardcore for grammy. And your parents might not be too interested in you wanting something called a Revolution for Christmas, even less if Rev players start calling themselves ‘Revolutionaries.’ I can see it now. “Hey mommy! Look at me! I’m a Revolutionary!” “Get down, son! The government will see!”

  2. I’ve always loved how IGN have their banners look like the console. The revolution banner looks very nice as well with that blue ray of light!

    I wonder if Nintendo would use The Beatles – Revolution for their advertisements. Or maybe T.Rex – Children Of The Revolution.

  3. wai-tun leung I agree with you on The Beatles – Revolution

    The song is discussing a non violent revolution. A company that is slandered by its two competitors comes up with something that amazes everyone, and instead of violently bashing their competitors they steal the market away.

    So you say you need a revolution 😉

  4. My pick for Rev advert song is Rage’s “Freedom”. God, i love it!

    FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! *nasty riff, bassline*

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