If your Wii died tomorrow…

Which downloaded games would you re-purchase?

Nintendo’s policy on downloaded Wiiware and Virtual Console games’locking them to one console per purchase’annoys just about everyone. If your machine dies and Nintendo can repair your machine, no problem. If you need to purchase a new Wii, however, you’ve lost all ownership of your downloaded games.

So if you had to buy a new machine, which Wiiware/VC titles do you love enough to buy all over again?

I’ve enjoyed a lot of downloaded games, including Swords and Soldiers, Let’s Catch! and TV Show King. But as far as purchasing a second time? For me, the list begins and ends with a single title: Dr. Mario.

Polished, fun and addictive, this is one Wiiware game worth far more than its asking price. It’s a great quickplay game to sit on the Wii’s home screen, and I wouldn’t hesitate to pay another ten bucks for it if and when the my current machine joins the talking toasters in Silicon Heaven.

So how about you, Infendo Nation? Which Wiiware or VC game would you buy a second time (if any)?

Editor’s note: After adding your picks, everyone give a warm welcome to Richard, our newest contributor to Infendo.