If Nintendo were reading…

Now is the time to voice your opinion. If Nintendo were reading this very post, what would you tell them? Critique, a favor, a request, you name it.

The mic is yours…


  1. Make new franchises that will open up an audience of 3rd party game buyers.

    All people buy a Nintendo console for is Nintendo games, sales of third party software shows this. Make a racer series that pretty much mimics gran turismo or forza motorsport, make new franchises geared at the 18-35 year old mainstreamer. You made the hardware appealing, now follow suit with some shooter games and what not. You need (well not really, but still) third party games like GTA and all the popular shooters and sports titles, so make some games that cater to the audience of these games. You’re Nintendo, making good games is synonymous with your name, make the must own shooting game. I know you can make great games without guns and violence and blood, but thats what the mainstream audience wants. Be the “and” company you claim to be and make some games that cater to the hardcore gamers (Nintendo fans alike) “and” games geared toward the guns and violence loving mainstreamers. This is, as I see it, Nintendo’s biggest concern next generation, but knowing Nintendo, they probably won’t follow suit.

  2. Let’s see the damn controller, then the rest of the conversation would go from there. Also you better not be lying about all those games being downloaded, I want to be able to download as many as possible. Finally make SSBR at the very least 8 players.

  3. I’d like to thank them for a life of gaming 🙂 and tell them that we (hardcore gamers) will always be there, no matter if they are the last company in any VideoGame “war”… ah yea… and tell them to SHOW THE F*****G REVOLUTION… hahaha!

  4. I’d tell them to stick to innovation because thats where the money’s at, not to mention the fun.

    Also I’d recomend that they create software for other systems. Sounds crazy? Well look at it from a business perspective. They could have their Nintendo system, the “Revolution” or whatever they want to call it, and if it’s truely revolutionary and innovative/unique people will buy it for that experience. But Nintendo can sell games by name alone and it would have a much larger market to sell to if they included PS3/X360 gamers. So they’d have the same sales for their “Revolution” because the experience can’t be found elsewhere (according to Nintendo, and will hopefully be true) but certain games may not require the revolutionary aspect.

    If the next Super Smash Brothers doesn’t use the revolutionary aspect of Nintendo’s system, it could easily be ported to PS3 and X360 and would sell by the millions not to mention open up a whole new field of online competition for gamers (causing it to sell even higher for Nintendo’ sytem than it would if it were exclusive).

    Of course, certain games would have to be “Revolution” only due to it’s unique capabilities which would keep hardware sales up.

  5. I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. Ignore the others, go your own way and make games fun again. You’re making more money than your competitors, you’re making better games than your competitors, and your hardware does what it needs to without the unneeded frills.

    Keep the Rev controller under wraps for as long as you can, since Sony may delay the PS3. Get to work on a true GBA successor. One that can play all the games I download through the Rev and GameCube games.

  6. The revolution can play all the old games … please allow me to use my old carts, with having to download and pay for them again

  7. Yes, just like Yorrike said:
    Keep doing what you’re doing.
    I just want to add:
    Please, please work on you game release schedules for Europe !
    What happened to the DS mustn’t happen to the Rev !

  8. Carry on as you are. They can’t match your originality.

  9. Yes please don’t make me buy 200+ games again just because all the batteries died.

    Please allow us to put the serial number or something so we can get them for free.

    Or make a cart add-on and rig everything up so that the flash memory overrides the cartridge battery backup so I can play with my carts but with the added benefit of semi-perpetual save storage.

    Or spin off a 4th. pillar that is geared only at making my carts playable.

  10. I want Nintendo to be as hungry as it used to be, and as hungry as Sony and Microsoft are. These guys came into the market you created and people openly believe that they are the top games companies and Nintendo a distant third. Sure REAL profits show completely the opposite but you need to get into the average-Joes mindset.

    Show the controller when it’s ready, but I’m pretty damn sure Sony and Microsoft know about it by now. If Developers have any idea about it you can be sure Sony/M$ do too, its called industrial espionage or information theft and it happens in every business, I’m pretty sure Nintendo is not immune. What I’m saying is, its important to be first in the minds of consumers.

    Lastly, release your library of classic games at a _reasonable_ price, not the price you released the GBA re-issues, which to be honest is a crazy price for 20 year old titles. $1-$5 for Nes/Snes and no more than $10 for N64 games is a reasonable price, you’ll find ALOT of people downloading vast amount of games. Try and rip your customers off and you’ll end up with only a small % of your customers bothering with it. 512mb of Flash memory is also pretty low for storing games people purchase, its fine as long as users will be able to buy flash memory for extra storage though.

  11. Bionic Commando… remake it, get with Capcom and remake it. Keep the great innovation going and screw Microsoft and Sony. Keep up the GREAT work, do let anyone keep ya down.

  12. 1. More PR in Europe.
    2. R&D studios for NoA and NoE.
    3. New Franchises
    4. More RPGs
    5. Exclusive titles from 3rd parties.
    6. Some information for application at NoJ.

  13. Bionic Commando
    Master Blaster
    Metal Gear
    Kid Icarus
    Ghosts n’ Goblins
    Kung Fu
    Ninja Gaiden/Shinobi or both

  14. I would tell them to hire Pablo Belmonte and make the ON as thats the most awesome thing ever and would bring gaming back to life for me.

  15. Make the Revolution more powerful than the 360, and the PS3. Just so after beating them at thier own game, we can laugh at them.

    And I agree with jos…8 player SSB! Even more would be better.

    Dont worry about the size of the console, just make it the best.

    Make a FPS with 100+ online person matches. That way we can all laugh at people who play Halo. And I can laugh at my friends.

    Make sure the Revolution has the best graphics.

    And make some new “Adult” franchises, that way MS and Sony fanboys have no excuse to try to make fun of us.

    In a Revolution TV ad. Make fun of Bill Gates. HAHA!

    Finally (and most importantly), make sure the Revolution cand do everything the competition can do better…And then some.

    PS: Make sure SSBR is the best thing since life. PLEASE!

  16. Make sure SSBR doesn’t require the new “revolutionary” interface. I want to play that game just like I have the other 2! And host online tournaments somehow…That would be awesome!

  17. i would like you to get third-party games like final fantasy and chrono trigger available for download one your newest console the nintendo revolution…that is all

  18. “Keep the Rev controller under wraps for as long as you can, since Sony may delay the PS3. Get to work on a true GBA successor. One that can play all the games I download through the Rev and GameCube games.”

    Even though I am currently dying to see the Rev controller, this is good advice for Nintendo, keep it under wraps as long as they can!

    “Make the Revolution more powerful than the 360, and the PS3. Just so after beating them at thier own game, we can laugh at them.”
    Ooh, that would be absolutely amazing!

    ” If Developers have any idea about it you can be sure Sony/M$ do too, its called industrial espionage or information theft and it happens in every business, I’m pretty sure Nintendo is not immune.”
    I don’t know, Nintendo is pretty good at keeping things secret, which is great form a business standpoint.

    ” $1-$5 for Nes/Snes and no more than $10 for N64 games is a reasonable price,”

    Agree with that too!

    Nintendo needs to start improving on their PR and advertising. Maybe add some more true hype (unlike Sony which is always false hype, remember Toy Story graphics on PS2?)

    Include an HD-DVD drive, if the Revolution comes out in Fall ’06. So that it will have the ability to play HD-DVDs at least. (This should only occur if HD-DVD becomes standard!!!)

    Create an online experience that will make Xbox live shake in their boots!

    Create a new franchise, that creates a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry (e.g. Pikmin.)
    If you do milk your titles, change it so it’s not just a rehash (like Pikmin and Pikmin 2, same interface, but completely different games.)

    “Make a FPS with 100+ online person matches. That way we can all laugh at people who play Halo. And I can laugh at my friends.”
    This would be totally awesome. I would point and laugh at my brother (that is all he plays on xbox.)
    but who says it has to be an “M” rated? Look at Super Monkey Ball 2/Deluxe, they have Monkey Dogfight, collect bananas for health, and pineapples for missles.

    Nintendo, don’t be a cookie-cutter company when you think of creating “M” rated games. Some games just need to be modified in packaging, and just keep the main gameplay.

    Nintendo, please be an E rated company forever. You don’t need gamers to define their maturity level by the games they play. Games should be fun and appeal to the person who is 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, and 105. Don’t limit yourselves by creating an “M” game.

    Concerning online gameplay, (yes I digressed), Nintendo should create a system interface that will allow people to download any type of trial of agame from NES to Rev, thus, you give the audience a chance to try a game before buying it. Then, if they like the trial game, they can either download it (if it’s from NES-N64) or they can buy it directly from Nintendo through their online store which can be accessed through the Rev, or give them local stores that carry the game currently. Wouldn’t that be a good business idea?

    Create a bungie-esque online game archive, that archives the game anyone played online for Nintendo games, let third parties host their bungie-esque online game data. Create a way to see the video of online gameplay, and a way to store it locally (on the Rev, or the computer.) This would be cool.

    As for the DS, continue to create a unique, innovative games. (e.g. Kirby Canvas Curse, Nintendogs.)
    Make use of both screens, so that they can be used simultaneously! (e.g. Pac ‘n Roll!)

    Price the Gameboy micro @ 89.99 if it has built in wireless (also include a dongle so that it can connect to Gameboy Advance Peripherals.)
    Price the Gameboy micro @ $69.99, if it does not include wireless, this would be around the same price as the Wonderswan Color ($65.)

    For the next gameboy (gameboy evolution) make it GCN compatible (thus with an analog controller), & with a touchscreen and 802.11b and MAYBE 802.16 or EV-DO. Have a built in SD card slot and Li-polymer battery.

    Continue to sell Gameboy Advance SP, Micro, Nintendo DS, while selling the Gameboy Evolution. Saturate the market!

  19. Release more Japanese exclusive franchises to the rest of the world. I only heard of Fire Emblem in mid 2004 then found out that it’s been around for years there (what’s up with that?)

    Also release more RPG’s to Australia. Just because something didn’t sell in Japan and/or America, doesn’t mean that the game sucked. More people down here are looking for quality RPG’s with a good storyline that rival that of the Zelda franchise.

  20. The Big N is doin’ awesome and should keep with their great franchises but create maybe a new one like you they doin with geist for the fps lovers. I like that the revolution is going to be able to download first party games for free and that online is free but they should have more PR in North America, Japan, and Europe highlighting the cute games and the more violent ones like twilight princess and re 4 (which is awesome).

  21. Keep going! You are doing nearly everything right. You are making more profit than both your competitors’ games departments put together. You have a larger installed user base (totalling Gameboy, DS and Gamecube) than either of them.

    Take no notice of the vocal minority of 18-30 western males. They are not your main audience even though they have the loudest voice on the internet. Don’t worry about mature games and don’t try to compete with Sony. You are doing something quite different from them, and you are doing it right. Your sales figures and your profits both prove that.

    The DS is a brilliant innovation. I hope the Revolution will be even more so. Combine the most traditonal gameplay (going right back to the Famicom) with a next-generation system to rival the competition (doing all they can do, and perhaps more, minus HD, which eats processor cycles like crazy, is a master-stroke of economical planning) PLUS something completely new and different. Three strands, past present and future, plus connectivity between DS and Revolution to create a total gaming environment more complete than anything that has gone before

    You don’t need my advice because I know you are going to do all this anyway.

    Have I a personal request? Yes. If it is possible make the interactive gaming experience more immersive. Despite the failure of Virtual Boy, keep the Virtual Reality model in mind with the movement of your consoles on-line (nicely timed, by the way – the next generation is the right one to do it in. The current one would have been largely a wasted effort) the creation of virtual worlds in which we can communicate is the real Next Step. Probably the technology isn’t ready for it yet, but I hpe the first tentative moves in that direction will start with Revolution

  22. Nintendo make a detective game like a remake of Gumshoe or shomething, but a little more realistic. You know you are constantly watching and being watched – chasing and being chased – figuring out and getting confused. Some sweet detective music.

    A Native American character in a world where their culture, environment,legends and prophecies come together. You know maybe some quest of discovery – LOZ-like – discovery of good and evil, restoring balance – maybe even for some eventual goal which was put into place thousands of years ago by the first humans. Going back to the origins of mankind – babylonian, egyptian type scene – or even mixing in all historical time periods – Eternal Darkness-like. Cool story similar to “The Twelfth Planet” by Zecharia Stichin.

    An American-Western Cowboy character could be futuristic, old-time or both. But please not as lame as the world in the Will Smith movie.

    We need a Gung fu legened, ass-whopper like BL or something but not BL – an origanl fictional yet believeable charater – teach people about martial arts and depending on how nice that controller is we might be able to learn a few moves.

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