GBA Collection for DS/AC Trade (or sell)

Want to get all this GBA SP goodness? Well some dude is willing to sell or trade all of the above for a Nintendo DS with Animal Crossing (and maybe Mario Kart). From the thread: “Cry for me. Cry for me as I belittle myself to no more than a burnt out crack-whore; offering up all this stuff for sale or trade so I can get a Nintendo DS and Animal Crossing. I’m ashamed, but I need AC. I fudgeing need it.”

[Source: GameTZ]


  1. he…misspelled game boy.. I cant trust him!

  2. Can’t he just go to Gamestop, someone will trade him there.

  3. Man, I had that Game Boy carry case that’s in the back. It’s a struggle to open sometimes, though.

  4. They’d probably give him about 30 bucks for all that stuff at Gamestop.

  5. Woo Ha!

    Anonymous is right in that I don’t want to take it to Gamestop. With their trade in practices, they would probably want *me* to include cash when I give them all this stuff. My ass would be a little sore from that.

    Strangely, nobody is actually making any offers. Is that bundle *really* that crappy?

    I think it is pretty cool.


  6. I’d be willing to trade that, I have Mario Kart, I had AC but i traded it in. I have Tony Hawk and Bust a Move which can be traded for AC.

  7. It’s quite a nice offer, but sadly, since I’m not willing to give up my own DS for it, the whole deal ends up a bit too expensive for me. It’d be different maybe if I intended to split up the parts and ebay them for cash, but in just keeping them for myself, it’s a bit much, especially considering how cheap some of those games are currently on the 2nd hand markert.

  8. April 24th 2006

    Watch out for the guy up above with the email address of – I made a trade with him (my SP package above for his DS)and its totally turned sour, he’s stuck me with extra shipping charges that were not needed, and he won’t reply to any of my emails!

    BAD TRADER!!!!!!!!!

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