Ideas in Action

Well, you guys have spoken. Thanks for doing that. Hopefully we can keep growing while not alienating what got us here. Your comments and support make our efforts appreciated and these are the ideas we liked the most:

  • More posts. We’re all for it but that’s tough while maintaining paying work. How about some new bloggers? We’re mulling this one over so stay tuned…
  • Faster News. (see above, same problem)
  • Less posts on the homepage. We didn’t know that was a problem, but we can easily remove excess ones if that’s how you feel.
  • Advance Scoop on the Rev Controller. We’re working on that…
  • Retro Profiles. This is a very cool idea. I’m always playing older games so a mini profile would hit the spot for many that may have missed out on some of the classics.
  • Mini Reviews. Most reviews are way too bloated. Is the game worth your time or not? How bout mini ones kind of like an iPod shuffle only cooler?
  • More rotating Gif files. Okay that wasn’t one, but you can image what it would be like…

That’s a lot of stuff, but they are great ideas that we look forward to implementing. Thanks again and keep stopping by…


  1. I’m always willing to help, but can’t really serve as a news poster because of this stupid RL thing called work haunting me :/
    And I’d like anything cooler than an iPod Shuffle (because imho it’s pretty cool already 😉 )
    I’m really getting excited about this site 😀 Keep up the good work !

  2. We need to be able to post images and reviews.. The bloggers..!! Come on man..

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