I (Heart) Tiger Woods PGA ‘07 on Wii

Note: I haven’t been interested in EA’s Tiger Woods in a long time. I’ve played it over the years at friends house, but never really enjoyed it in favor of arcade style golf games (Mario Golf, Hot Shots, etc). That said, Tiger Woods PGA ’07 for Wii is a great game. It’s a 9 in my book. Easy. And I don’t even care for golf games or playing the sport all that much in real life. Hitting shots feels so good on this, and it does a great job building suspense on your close shots. I’ve played with a few friends and all of us were shouting aloud after hitting eagles, long birdies, even a hole in one. The game is far from perfect, but the fun level, the depth, and what initially appears to be a very lasting experience with lots to learn, this is a no brainer for most. I don’t care if I every play another golf game on a traditional controller again. It’s that good. Though a bit too complex for non-gamers (menus, settings, etc), this is a great gamer game. Nice job, EA. (Though we need to talk about some of these minor glitches, i.e. NES-like deer graphics, funkie hole camera angles, and slight controller hiccups once in a while…)