Nintendo World Takes Top Honors

Nintendo has done it again…except this time, not with video games. The Nintendo World Store in New York City, designed by TPG Architecture, recently took home two awards at the 35th Annual Institute of Store Planners/Visual Merchandising and Store Design (ISP/ VM + SD) International Store Design Competition Awards. The store took the honor of being First Place Specialty Store over 10,000 Square Feet as well as Store of the Year.

Having been to the store once, I can honestly say I think this is well earned. The place is nothing short of awesome. Well done Nintendo and TPG!!



  1. Nintendo World is my Grace Land. I hope to go there someday.

  2. Hum… looks like Nintendo is now taking inspiration from all those Apple Stores. Sounds good to me, now just remember to open one in london! 😀

  3. I actually work in the Visual Presentation department of a major department store chain, so I’d love to see more pictures!

    Does anyone know where I can see more?? The site doesn’t seem to show any!

  4. has a flash interactive tour…kind of.

    Pretty cool looking.

    Really cool looking.

    Actually just awesome.

  5. that store is amazing… its a shame that I dont have the time to go… maybe next weekend I can go…

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