I do the unthinkable

As part of my effort to appease outspoken fellow Infendo blogger Rollin and atone for my fanboy sins, I did something unthinkable last night. Such was my angst at causing an Internet-wide firestorm with recent posts that I dipped my soul into the lurid underground scene of Wikipedia vandalism, and set my sights on the Nintendo entry. I am ashamed, but hope my penance can help right this ship, which has veered off course into a realm whose name I do not speak. I am a pale shadow of a wisp of a man at the base of a monstrous mountain of shame. The results of my treachery can be seen in all their glory below:

My hands shook with much apprehension as I did the deed that would deface my master’s wiki entry, as you can see. At the last possible moment my finger slipped on a pool of sweat that had coagulated upon the smooth surface of the Shift key, and the last exclamation point was lost to the void of l33t speak; replaced by a 1. I have passed the test, and will retire to the West.

NOTE: It is still unknown who actually did this, as MS and Sony were hit as well.