[Update] Hyrule Warriors DLC announced, due in October

[Second Update] The DLC packs are:

  • The Master Quest pack (includes a new scenario, a new weapon, a new adventure mode map and two new costumes).
  • The Twilight Princess Pack out in November (includes a brand new character, a new weapon, a new adventure mode map and two new costumes).
  • Majora’S Mask Pack out in January (includes two new characters, a new adventure mode map and three new costumes).
  • Ganon Pack out in February (includes two new game modes)

[Update] Nintendo of America has announced the DLC will be coming to North America and will be available either separately or as a bundle pack priced at $19.99.

[Original story]

Nintendo of Europe has announced that four packs of paid DLC for Hyrule Warriors will arrive on sixteenth of October. On top of this, there will be free DLC granting the ability to play as the villains Cia, Volga and Wizzro also arriving on the same day. If you pre-purchase all four paid DLC packs you will receive a Dark Link costume for Link straight away. There is no word yet on whether this will be made available for North America, although I cannot see a reason it won’t be.

Will having even more content available push you towards picking up a copy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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