Hunters Voice Chat, DS Downloads

No way? Way! Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime: Hunters will feature voice chat before and after wifi matches. Shweet. From the release: “The new Metroid Prime Hunters game for Nintendo DS will give gamers the ability to chat directly with one another before and after matches played via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Players in North America can simply click the chat icon and say what they have to say. The microphone of the Nintendo DS picks up voice communication and transmits it to the people on their friend list.”

Along with that, Nintendo has also informed us that beginning in late March, they plan to deploy electronic kiosks at thousands of U.S. retailers including GameStop and Best Buy for DS gamers to download free demos, starting with Tetris DS, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day, Mario Kart DS, Meteos, True Swing Golf and Pokémon Trozei, and a Metroid Prime Hunters video clip.

How’s that for a DS-gasm?

[Source: Nintendo]



    Let’s just hope MP:H won’t be the trash-talking haven for idiots like XBL .. .

  2. It’s funny that with all our recent predictions about what Nintendo would say at DICE, GDC, and E3 we sort of stayed focused on the Revolution. Nice out of the blue DS announcements today, Reggie!

  3. maybe they’ll make a microphone/headphone accessory. I would really hate it having people look at me like I’m crazy for talking into the side of a DS. Just my 2 cents.

  4. A Metroid Prime pre-order goodie or even a stand-alone product of [a voice communication headset & headphones combo piece] would be very cool.

    this is great news, but its too bad that you can’t chat DURING the match for team battles and strategy, etc. But this is far better than not having voice chat at all.


    In conjunction with MP:H’s March release, Nintendo will also release a headset accessory connecting into the DS’s as of yet UNUSED headset (not headPHONE) jack

  6. maybe they’ll make a microphone/headphone accessory?

    The DS already has the port for’s all a matter of someone making one for it…Be it Nintendo or Third-Party.

  7. I just…man. thats awesome.

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