About that Wii retail box…

Since my nom de guerre was banned at Joystiq, I now have plenty of time to post more items to Infendo, like this update to our Wii retail box post from the weekend. As some may have suspected, the picture looked suspiciously like the non-functional Wiimote that was handed out at some of the recent Nintendo press events (I believe the first images of this psuedo-Wiimote surfaced after the Japan Sept. 14 event).

From Infendo reader Amer, whose Flikr site hosts the pic we posted:

Hey guys,

The picture of the Wiimote box that you have is mine (the pic as it appears on my Flickr site is linked above).

To clear it up, that’s the non-functional Wiimote that was handed out at the recent Nintendo events. To be specific, that one was had at the Tokyo event, though it belongs to a friend at 1UP, and isn’t mine.

I hope that clears things up. Love the site — keep up the great work.

Regardless, just because it’s fake doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be swinging it around wildly in my house making Legend of Zelda shooting sword sounds if I could get my jealous little hands on one. I’d probably look something like this.