Homebrew DS Don Simon

Are you looking for some homebrew to run on your DS? Try Don Simon, a DS version of the classic Simon game. It’s a simple game and even utilizes the touch screen, although I’m not sure how involved installing it will be.

What are the chances Nintendo will distribute small free games like this one?

[Source: ndsupdates.com]


  1. It appears you plunk it onto a gba flash cartridge, and away you go.

  2. Possible, think of it, download demos and small games on Revo to port to DS with download play, then you can put the DS in the idle mode (which lasts a long time) and you have a portable game with you.

    They already said services LIKE this would be available

  3. I dont get it, can I download this to my nintendo ds or not… someone help me out here please!

  4. I like to think that, eventually, Nintendo will release a DS app with a blank GBA cart that will allow you to, via WFC, download little games and such–whether subscription based or series based or what–I’d love to be able to, on a whim, get something new to tide me over during those late night, drunken “Man, I want something on my DS I haven’t played yet.” Driving, real or MK, is a bad idea in this state 😉

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