History Repeating

[Note: this topic criticizes the beloved N64. If that’s your favorite Nintendo console, skip to next post.]

Do you think Sony’s and Microsoft’s lack of console innovation during this next generation could be a liability for them? Lots of people are asking Nintendo the reverse of that question given the unveiling of their widely creative controller. But what about it’s two competitors?

Many would argue that the choice of continuing to use cartridges on the N64 could have been classified as a lack of innovation on Nintendo’s part. Maybe it even amounted to the system’s less than stellar sales and market share performance if only indirectly. Not that it was a failure. They did nail the analog stick and it did have some great games. But honestly, it could have done better.

With that said, do you believe the PS3’s and 360’s could become the N64 of this next generation? By that I mean an underperforming console that for whatever reason doesn’t wow developers, lacks certain innovation, and doesn’t live up to expectations.