Here it is…

What’s your first reaction?


  1. Hey, whaddya know, someone said this is what would happen.

    Oh, my mind-blasting shock is fading.


    They weren’t kidding when they said it would be different! WOW! I am SO looking forward to tearing this out of the box!

  2. perplexed i am.

  3. Looks harder to use than a regular controller. Then again i’ve never used this thing.

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  5. That picture doesn’t really show much of the controller. I’m struggling to think of some games and how this thing will make sense.

  6. this looks amazing when they said we would never play games the same way again

    they meant it

  7. barf :/

  8. playing on a certain type of controller for 20 years makes this difficult to soak in… i have to feel objective until i know more about it…

  9. *GASP* well if more detail (specs) was put into it it might be ok, but the look of it is just horrable

  10. Nintendo giving Microsoft and Sony the finger! That is one sweetlooking controller!

  11. Open your gawd damn eyes people. This is like the Matrix. Stop thinking in such constricted terms.

    Don’t you see the message? “simple, yet revolutionary?” No less than what, four buttons… yet you are ignoring the 3rd dimension. The industry has become so lazy as of late… sitting on it haunches so it can soak up your money from FPS and whatever other 2001 BS it can dish your way. Think forward.

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