Help redesign Infendo, win FREE Nintendo stuff

[Updated deadline: Friday, 9/8/2006 at midnight EDT]

As some of you may know, Infendo is getting a rebuild and a redesign prior to the launch of Wii this fall. Help us design it, and we’ll send you a slick Wii bag given out at this year’s E3 with a game or two just for good measure (think of it as a grab bag).

Here are some basic requirements:

  • Site will stay red and white (ohh that’s clean!)
  • 2-3 column layout preferred
  • Reserve screen real estate for at least 2-3 ads (letterhead, box, skyscaper) partially above the fold

Other than that, feel free to get creative. If any of your ideas are incorporated, we’ll send you the prize along with co-design credits on the site. Send in your designs (via .psd, .eps, .ai, etc) to with “Infendo Site Redesign” in the subject. And you can stay as true to the current design or deviate as much as you want. We’re just aiming for a fine looking site that’s a bit more scalable for content.

And if you know anyone with design chops that you think could do well, send ’em this way. Good luck!