Heard in the Infendo Forums: Nintendo King for a Day

Let your mind wander for a moment. Start imagining wildly unrealistic scenarios that could only happen in your wildest dreams. Like being the king of Nintendo for a day. What would you do? Where would you go? What secrets would you immediately grant yourself access to? Some Infendo Forum members were debating that very topic this morning, so let’s take a look.

  • “I would start some better marketing, including better commercials.” – fesworks
  • Jake, who started the thread, cut no corners and said he would deliver the release date and price to the people STAT, and would begin work on a few anticipated but as of yet unplanned titles like Kid Icarus and Mother (for North America).
  • Picking up on the innovative controller scheme, Cephas went straight for the FPS jugular, and said the creation of an earthy shooter would be top priority (that wasn’t Metroid).
  • But the cake goes to ShinnAsuka, who said: “Pfft. Know what I would do? I would play in their ball pin (sic) all day. You just KNOW they have one.”

The ball pen is appealing, but I think I’d play WiiSports, Spielberg-style with Miyamoto. It’s been done, sure, but it’s still a once in a lifetime event. How about you? Got some fodder for the Infendo Forums? What would you do as the head of one of the most storied video games companies in the world?