Have you seen the Muramasa Website?



Not only can you see various character profiles, watch some trailers, and get some cool wallpapers. You can also enter an art contest on their website for a chance to win a thousand dollars. So if you want to learn more about the Muramasa the Demon Blade, check out the site.

Anyone else think this will be Game of the Year on the Wii?

[Muramasa The Demon Blade]

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  1. I am sorry to say but, this game definitely could be game of the year…but isn’t the new super mario bros. coming out for the wii?

  2. Short answer? No. Sadly it will get passed over by the media (who decides which game is GotY) when it doesn’t sell a gazillion copies on the first day.

    Also, Wii Sports Resort is, fair or unfair in people’s opinions, the game of the year.

  3. The answer is no. It will provide tons of fun for the hip few (25000 sold prediction) and they will love it. Everyone else will just say they wish it was in HD or on another system. Your “average” Wii owner won’t be into this.

  4. My dream of a Ninja Scroll game as a boy has come true.

  5. Game of the year . . . perhaps for artistic design, but it’s a hack n slash game . . . that’s very difficult to make into something “worthy” of game of the year nods.

    And as everyone else has said, it’ll probably end up a niche title, which means it’s hard to make it as a goty. Perhaps this’ll have Okami cult status though.

  6. Unfortunately, it will be easily outsold by Mini Ninjas, which doesn’t look too shabby either, but has a more kid-friendly box cover…

    But let’s not be negative: at least now whenever an Xbox 360 or PS3 fanboy tries to put down the Wii’s graphics engine, we can always point in the direction of Muramasa!

  7. I don’t think this will win GOTY. It will win some awards maybe but no GOTY. I don’t think Ignition would pay off the press ERR I MEAN I DONT THINK THEY’D PICK IT.

    GOTY honors is a joke anyways. I mean, it’s possible it could make it (ign picked okami for petes sake) but dont count on it.

  8. I think this will be under “Best Game no one played”
    Other great titles were over shadowed.
    From what I know in videogames, people just want to play COD and other big IP.
    It is hard to get anything new or innovative, even if it does it is over shadowed or neglected .
    I know the consumers are the ones to be blamed, but which sect of the consumers?
    Honestly I think they are plain teenagers