Have Guitar Hero 3 mono, will sue

Guitar Hero 3 mono issue lawsuitRemember that pesky Guitar Hero 3 mono sound issue? Remember how Activision said new discs were coming, but not until 2008? Well, today it appears as though that action is too late. In fine American tradition, someone has decided to sue Activision over the mono issue for “deceptive and unlawful” conduct by selling the Wii version of Guitar Hero III with the promise of Dolby Pro Logic.


The class named in the suit includes all purchasers of the game who “would not have purchased the Guitar Hero III video game and/or paid as much for it had they known the truth about the product.”

The suit, brought by plaintiff Samuel Livingston of San Diego and represented by the law firm KamberEdelson, LLC, “seeks actual damages, individual restitution, equitable relief, civil penalties, costs and expenses of litigation, including attorney’s fees, and all further relief available.”

The suit claims that Activision has not rectified the problem, nor has it taken steps to point out the issue to future purchasers (the game is still on store shelves bing sold as is).

A lot of you Infendo folk have expressed your opinion on this issue in the past, with more than a few of you saying you don’t care and that it hasn’t had any effect on your playing or enjoyment of the title. Still feel that way?